Pepper Spray Laws

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Pepper Spray Laws

An important factor to remember about any weapon you use for self-defense is that there are relative laws pertaining to it. Most people wrongly assume that a self-defense product i.e pepper spray, is unregulated because it is a non-lethal weapon. Pepper spray is regulated in 17 states. It is legal in all 50 states, but some states put different restrictions on possessing and carrying it.

Always consider responsibility. As an adult possessing a weapon of any kind, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility. You have a responsibility to use your self-defense accessories correctly and safely, and you have the responsibility to follow the law.

Always consult your local laws before carrying pepper spray. Carefully consider the following questions before carrying and using pepper spray for self-defense:

There is a difference in protecting your property and concealed carrying. This is a big decision that affects most of the laws around pepper spray. In general, what you do on your property is your business. There are few laws regarding the type of pepper spray you can use to defend your home. For example, if you want to protect your apartment, dorm, or house with self-defense products, you can openly carry it on your hip in most places if you so choose.

What is the amount you’re allowed to carry? States differ on the size of the pepper spray you can carry. Its usually limited to between 1.69 to 4 ounces. Check before you buy.

Locations vary, as well. Carrying a weapon of any kind is not allowed in all federal buildings. Know the laws where you are. Schools have varying rules, too.

You can buy pepper spray in most states, flea markets, Wal-Mart, or online from a trusted retailer like LASelfDefenseProducts.

Much like the amount you can carry, the concentration of the OC is another component to consider. Some states restrict the pepper spray sold by it’s OC Concentration.

What is a prohibited person? Usually, it is someone unable to pass a background check. In some states, felons are not allowed to own, possess, or purchase self-defense products like pepper spray.

There is no age limit or required age in most states to possess pepper spray. The few that do, restrict it 18 and older.

Carrying pepper spray or self-defense products of any type is empowering. However, it is not worth finding yourself on the wrong side of the law trying to protect yourself.

Do your due diligence. Answer the questions above and make informed decisions. Also, remember that laws change, so to avoid fines or potential jail time, make sure you stay up to date on the pepper spray laws.